“The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.†Winston Churchill

Gold and silver have been around for thousands of years as a stored value of trading for goods and services. Every fiat currency known to mankind has failed. the dollar will be no exception!


It is mathematically impossible for the United States to pay off its debt. As China, Russia, and India gobble up the rest of the worlds gold and silver supply they are about to flip the switch on a system of gold backed trading that will not include the dollar, and if you don’t have gold, which the US doesn’t, you wont be invited to the card game.

The AIIB was the final piece to this new economic system. Most countries have joined and thumbed their noses at the dollar as the reserve currency. Swap facilities are in place. According to Jim Willie, goldenjackass.com, China has over 20,000 tons of gold, Russia right around that amount, then India. They are done with US tyranny, wars, and ruining the world.

It is game over for the dollar and the petrol dollar. When the trigger is pulled on this new system, the United States will be rocketed back to the dark ages. The Feds will not be able to print their way out of it this mess. As the tsunami of liquidated bonds comes ashore,hyperinflation will be coming with it.

The US will have no choice but to hit the button on WWIII, their only way out. Welcome to Mad Max.

Bottom line, when China sets the price of gold at the Shanghai Gold Exchange to back this new system, gold and silver will rise like a rocket ship in warp drive. Anyone in paper money will lose, Being invested in physical gold and silver will make you very rich, or at least to barter for anything you want. Gold will be pegged to the yuan, ruble and other countries gold and silver backed certificates, not the dollar!


Why The World Economy Is In Trouble


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