Bitcoin & Ethereum PROFITS LOCKED In Gold, Not Fail Fiat!

As more bitcoin and ethereum early adopters face the "problem" of swollen fiat valuations, why consider cashing a gain out into corrupt, uncapped fiat tokens when you can lock your gain in real gold? Open your free BitGold account- (use that invite link, make a deposit worth 5 grams of gold or more within 48 hours of opening your account for a 5% deposit bonus- up to $100 max! I got those investment grade gold cubes from BitGold and paid with Ether and bitcoin :)
We should get more cryptocurrency users in the Bitcoin and Ethereum communities thinking of their crypto portfolio in terms of how many grams of gold… or bars of gold… their crypto could buy. Why use failing fiat currencies as the measure for cryptocurrency growth? That makes no sense. If, on the other hand, your cryptocurrency is gaining against the value of gold – a "neutral" currency that has held value for 5,000+ years – then you can be certain your purchasing power is actually increasing relative to other humans in the economy – it is not a "bubble" or an "illusion" if your gold holdings swell due to a successful cryptocurrency strategy.

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Not financial advice – No warranties or guarantees provided; Bitcoin and Ethereum are still experimental technologies and can increase or decrease in value