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Today, I have important and very good news for you.
For this, we have to take a look to the other side of the earth. To the Pacific Ocean, north of Australia, where Papua New Guinea lies.

A very special sector of Papua New Guinea is the autonomous region of Bougainville Island.

Bougainville has one of the world's largest precious metal mines whose exploitation unfortunately was the trigger for a war of independence, which finally ended in 1998 and led to the status of autonomy.
Since then, the production of natural resources stagnates and thus also the economic development of the people of Bougainville.
Starting mining again could bring prosperity especially to those who had suffered the most during the last 20 years: the people.

And here we come into play.
With the support of the french-german entrepreneur Michel-Conrad Strasser we will bring the idle mining industry back on track.
We will do that taking into account all social and environmental precautions to which the people of Bougainville Island are entitled.
We are already in negotiations with representatives of the Autonomous Bougainville Government.

Our goals are clear:

* Bring back the mining industry to an up-to-date condition in technical and ecological terms.
* Install a modern and independent payment system for the first time!
* Participate in the output from the metal mining activities, especially the gold earnings.

Technical expertise promises a useable deposit of at least 10 tons of gold.
Karatbank/Karat Gold Coop. will use its share in the gold exclusively to secure our CashGold and the Karatbank Coin.
In this way, we can place our social and economic vision on a firm foundation – On the unique and everlasting gold.

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