Gold, Bitcoin, or Ethereum: WHICH WILL MILLENNIALS ADOPT?

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Gold, Bitcoin, or Ethereum protocol? There's no doubt millennials and informed consumers of all ages are looking for real alternatives to the traditional financial system in case of systemic failure… or just in case these negative interest rates continue for an extended period of time! This is a golden age, no pun intended, for financial tech innovation. We'll see a lot of experimentation and battles- but who wins? Ethereum, Bitcoin, BitGold, p2p barter systems or things not even invented yet? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

BitGold is much more than a "PayPal of gold," by the way. You can use your balance to instantly fund your MasterCard prepaid debit card; use it to pay anywhere MasterCard is taken (and take out cash at any ATM)… you can send gold as a gift to anyone else with an email address, switch vault locations from your computer, and even request that 10g BitGold 0.9999 fine gold cubes or the gold coins of your choice (Krugerrands, Maple Leaf, etc) be sent to you when you redeem your gold balance! Watch their townhall from last night in Toronto, where they are headquartered:

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