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While the cyclical nature of the economy ebbs and swells like the ocean tides, buying gold and silver can help protect, stabilize and even expand your wealth. Economic uncertainty actually creates significant opportunity for people to attract wealth; the biggest wealth transfers throughout history have occurred when economic disaster has loomed. Currency value, like the economy, is cyclical; it moves in waves and cycles. This can be easily seen by the everyday fluctuations of currency exchange rates, wherein the US dollar has fallen upon hard times as of late.

This difference in exchange rates is nothing more than an indicator of a country’s diminishing purchasing power. Exchange rates and the price of precious metals are a few of many economic indicators that can help you identify times of economic uncertainty. When the value of the American dollar is in decline, it is a sure sign that your wealth might be in a precarious position; as Robert Kiyosaki says: “savers are losers.”

How can buying gold and silver help protect or increase your wealth?

As governments around the world panic and react to the loss in value of their respective currencies, a vicious cycle of deficit spending followed by reactionary tactics by world governments and central banks to increase the money supply and stave off inflation takes place. Paper money can be printed at will by any government; Zimbabwe has 100 trillion dollar bills that are now worthless – rendered useless by their violent hyperinflation in 2007. The only currency that grows in value with inflation is precious metals gold and silver and other commodities. To purchase gold and silver creates a wealth insurance policy that provides protection against the volatility of rash economic policy and wild swings in economic activity.

Gold and silver investment provides you with best protection against corrupt and inept government, banking, and policy systems. These systems are designed to rob you of your wealth, transfer wealth to the government, and decrease individual purchasing power in favor of government control of wealth. Gold and silver are immune to fiat currency fluctuations and in our opinion offer the only certainty in an uncertain economic future.



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