The Paleolithic diet is heavy on protein, mostly from animal sources. To adhere to this diet, you’ll need to consume things you’d hunt for or gather in the wild. That’s almost impossible to do in our modern age, so you’ll be following a modified version: eat plenty of animal flesh, fish, and seafood. Round out the diet with eggs, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. In addition, you’ll have to avoid all dairy products, all cereal grains (such as wheat, rice, quinoa and oats), tubers (potatoes and sweet potatoes), legumes (beans and peanuts), salt, sugar, and all processed foods.
What Did Paleolithic People Eat?

That’s a good question, and it appears that archaeologists aren’t 100 percent certain what foods humans ate back then. There is evidence of butchered animal bones, so that leads to meat taking the center stage of a Paleolithic diet, and there’s evidence for fishing along shorelines.

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Paleo Diet Grubs Cookbook


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