Friday FAQs: Freezing soup, storing kale chips, nutritional info, and more!


Happy Friday the 13th everyone! I hope you’re staying out of trouble today, lol. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out yesterday’s Fail-Proof Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes with Salted Buttercream and 20 Weeks pregnancy update posts.

It’s time again for the next installment of Friday FAQs! (You can check out previous weeks’ posts here: Week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4.) Keep those questions coming by leaving blog or social media comments! I love hearing from you guys. Also, a big thanks to those of you who left such great suggestions last week, camping tips and otherwise!

Q1: Hi there—this Endurance Cracker recipe looks amazing! Just wondering what a good substitute for garlic would be (can’t eat garlic as it gives me stomach pains…long-time IBS).

A: Hi Anna, You could simply omit the garlic, or if you still want that extra oomph, try adding a sprinkling of your favourite herb(s), spices, or even a bit of shaved onion. The sky’s the limit when customizing these crackers!

Q2: Hi Angela, I plan on freezing your Black Bean, Sweet Potato, and Red Quinoa Soup. The recipe says to wait until just before serving to add the cooked quinoa, beans, and cayenne. Do you think I can throw that in the soup before freezing it? Or should I wait until it thaws and I’m ready to serve?

A: Hi Victoria, Feel free to cook the soup in full, and then freeze. You’ll have a nice, ready-made meal that thaws and reheats beautifully!

Q3: I want the recipe for your wheat grass latte! :) You’ve had it on Snapchat lately and I’m getting jealous. What wheatgrass and matcha do you use?

A: Hey Noël, I’ve had a lot of requests for this recipe to be featured on the blog! Stay tuned because I’m going to feature it soon. As for matcha green tea powder, I use this Do Matcha brand, and as for frozen wheatgrass juice I love Evergreen brand.

Q4: Hello there, I was wondering if you had any issues with storing the kale chips after it has been cooked? Does it get soggy when it’s in a bag for a few hours?

A: Hi Kayla, To be honest, kale chips are best served and eaten right away—they don’t seem to retain their crispiness very well no matter how I’ve stored them. I like to leave the batch on the pan and snack on them throughout the afternoon or evening. If you do store them, you can try reheating leftovers in the oven to crisp them back up. (I would try about 5 to 7 minutes at 300F, then let them crisp up on the pan for a few minutes more.) If you give it a try, I hope that helps!

Q5: Quick question about the new book and your app (I just bought the app): Do you have any plans to provide nutrition info for the recipes in your new book? Also, do you have any plans to add a “search ingredient” feature to the app?

A: Hi Sharon, I’m so happy to let you know that I’ll be providing the nutritional information for the recipes in my new cookbook (the nutritional info will be found on my blog). Regarding the app, you can definitely search by ingredient. Simply tap the search icon (the magnifying glass) at the top of the app and when the search bar pops up, type the ingredient you’re looking for (such as “avocado”). All recipes including avocado will all pop up! It’s quite handy. (Just make sure that your previous search has been cleared.) I hope this helps and thank you so much for your support!

Comments of the week:

“Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I tried making these pumpkin goodies and absolutely loved them! I became vegan about 3 weeks ago in efforts to eat healthier, and the transition has not been easy. Recipes like this have enabled me to make the transition much swifter. Learning how to be vegan has impacted me in both nutrition and personality, as overall I have become happier and more energetic! Sincerely, Janeen”

Janeen, I’m honoured to be a part of your journey! Thanks for sharing your story as I’m sure it’ll inspire many others.

“Hi Angela, I’ve only discovered your website a few months ago, but since then I bought your cookbook, your app, and tried every single recipe that I could. I must say that finding you is life changing. It also encouraged me to go from vegetarian to vegan, by seeing all those amazingly tasty and simple recipes. Even my mother, who hates to cook and is a BIG milk lover, has downloaded your app and tries some of your recipes. Also, all you have shared on your blog, tips and knowledge, helps me to help my dad who has high cholesterol. Thank you for putting so much effort in making those recipes a success. I’m happy to have a talented cook from Ontario (like me). {btw: I bought those Mary’s crackers after I saw you eating some and now I’m ADDICTED! Hummus is my favorite food ever!}”

Hi Anne-Sophie, It means a lot to know that my blog and recipes have played such a positive role in your life! And all the better that your mom and dad are reaping the benefits, too. Thanks for your support and happy cooking!

“Just made these No-Bake Chocolate Fudge Cookies—while reheating pizza. So easy! And so tasty! This recipe was posted the day my daughter was born. And it’s the first recipe I made. It’ll be a regular for sure. Perfect new mom snack.”

Congrats on your new baby girl, Mary! I’m so glad this easy treat came at the right time. I can’t think of anything better than fudgy chocolate for a new mama. ;)

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